Analog me. And give me The Beatles.

©︎Yoko Hallelujah

I live in analog world.

Still is.

If I said “sad” here, do you believe me?
ok, now, I am super happy.
so, do you believe me now?

Could you recognize it without face to face?

I will just believed that what I/we have done, what am I feel, and people feel. That’s the real.

We can say anything, we can write down anything, anywhere and can show you. It is easy, you know.

But difficult to “doing” and “done”.
Saying is sometime “just saying”, sometime wrong, maybe.. but doing and done, it is “real”.

I believe what am I doing, and what I have done, and how am I feel.

At the present time, we have a genius called technology, you know that mean.

When you opened your mind to technology, technology will ate of your life. and technology never stop over flow about all things, then people get lost.

And, you can’t move anywhere. so, stay there. there is, you made the world yourself. Only that world is enough?

lose real-eyes, isn’t it.

World is big, skies are beautiful.

I don’t hate technology, I am using now anyway;) and can contact you guys sometime, yes, it is helpful for us.
However, I do not believed much about informations came from that.

I believe people’s real voice than information on the internet.

You know, real soul is analog. AI never make soul. soul comes from inside of human heart.

I believe in analog.

Analog never complicated. Analog is not super genius really.
But it will get the real one that we want as simply and clear mind.

Do you know why ’50, ’60 and ’70 music are great.
Because they-musician- just used their soul to create music.

There is nothing, no technology, no manuals.
They just believed their soul, and just experienced music again and over again.

We can not become like that. we have too much information everywhere.

Technology/Internet will be leak out everything include your private that people didn’t want to take, and sometime people just put not exactly real on. Then people get lost, too much.

if you didn’t want information, but technology bring to you anytime. good or bad.

Informations from right side, left side, or front of you, sometime behind you.

No need informations.

If we think yes, do it.
If we think no, leave it as soon as possible.
That is right way for us.

I chosen wrong way in the past.
Because, I believed informations from somebody and something.

from my experience.
“Sometime” your closer people makes you confuse.

Your close people are important for you, and we should thankful to them.
But, finally, people think about “How you are good for me”.. especially if they are close to you.

Human is great, and kindness. but human is human. all people thinking about “my life”.

It is funny,
We are thinking “My life” all the time.
But why just listened and believed advice from around people when you want to decide something in your life?

So, then now. I believe in just me. my soul. How is my feeling, that’s all. Then..I believe in me and music.
And believe in people’s kindness, heart, and LOVE.

Actually life is very simple but why life is hard.
because we just taken too much information easily.

Throw away genius sometime, and go there..
Beautiful sunshine everywhere!

Well well well..

I believe people who has real soul.
I believe real love.
I believe people who can face to face.
I beleive analog world.


I believe the Beatles.

Lots luv.

Yoko x