Metal covered VO.1🎸 -Gurenge/Demon Slayer OP- by Hugo RTF.メタルカヴァーシリーズ!

Image Art©️Hugo RTF / Pics©️Yoko Hallelujah


Hi folks,

We did new record and released new video at 16th Jan 2021!

It called “BEST Metal Cover”.

The project/recorded by Hugo RTF -Guitarist from Melodic death metal band called “Rise To Fall” !🇪🇸

I joined by vocal works;))

It is special Metal covered collaboration! Please listen and hope you like it.


We covered the super famous tune called “Grenge” by Metal sound.

As you understand, it is a title tune of Japanese animation called Demon Slayer.

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Hugo RTFによる邦楽のメタルカヴァー動画が公開されました。


メタルファンの方はご存知の方も多いと思いますが、Hugoはスペインのメロディックメタルバンド”Rise To Fall”のギタリストです。詳細はまた次の機会に。








“BEST Metal Cover Grenge-Demon Slayer-”
Big Thanks to Hugo, and Iñigo & all friends!
Video Edited by Iñigo Arr of Recrum Media.[] ©︎Hugo RFT [Official Youtube]


Here is all credit below, special thanks to all.xx



Demon Slayer’s (Kimetsu no Yaiba) opening song Gurenge covered by HugoRTF & Yoko Hallelujah.
This is our first anime metal cover together, if you want more covers, please subscribe, like it and share it!
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Metal cover de Gurenge de Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) de LiSa por Hugo RTF y Yoko Hallelujah.
¡Nuestra primera cover juntos pero no la ultima!
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Production, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys and Synths by HugoRTF.
Vocals & backing vocals by Yoko Hallelujah.
Recorded by Hugo RTF.
Post Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Pedro J Monge (Chromaticity Studios).
Video: Edited by Iñigo Arr of Recrum Media.

All the music, sounds and vocals are recorded from scratch.
Gear:Hugo is Endorser by Mayones Guitars 
Guitar: Mayones Hydra 6 custom guitar.
Bass: Sire Bass.
Keys & Synths: Oxygen25.
Daw: Cubase Pro 8.5
I Use STL Andy James plugins and Perfect Drums.

[Credits] Original artist : LiSA  
Lyric written by LiSA
Music written by Kayoko Kusano(草野華余子)

©️Hugo RTF [Texts From Official Youtube]
Big thanks to Hugo!


And, please check details about Hugo and Rise To Fall below, and please listen and follow them;)


HugoとRise To Fallのインフォメーションを以下に記載してますので、こちらもぜひご覧ください。


もちろん、Rise To Fallの応援も引き続きよろしくお願いします!


Hugo Markaida Basarte[Hugo RTF]
Guitarist@Rise To Fall
Rise To Fall
Melodic Death Metal






Thanks for checked information here.

Hope to see you again on the music, folks!