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Hi Folks,

As I told you, I joined covered music record and the video public already since 16th Jan!

It is project of Hugo RTF from Rise To Fall in Spain.

We covered Japanese huge tune called Gurenge this time, hope you liked it.


Special big big thanks to Hugo!

And, thanks to all my metal family in EU.


By the way, I just uploaded very rough/simple information Video on my channel as well.

Here is.


“Covered by Hugo RTF & Y.Hallelujah -Gurenge-Demon Slayer’s OP- カバー”
[] ©︎Yoko Hallelujah [Youtube]
Special Big Thanks to Hugo RTF!


It is for guide to official from my side. If you connected to mine, easy to access to Hugo official.

He will uploaded to his good music video there, also we will do there sometime maybe? -If you have request, tell us feel free!-

[Notice] Hugo RTF video is official one and video work by Iñigo Arr of Recrum Media. This time video[my simple and short one] is not his professional work. I did for short information;)

Thanks for watching and listened them folks!



Hugo RTFにリンクしています。



*上記のVideoはマイセルフのラフ版ですので自分の映像だけ使ってます。Hugo RFTにUPのVideoは、プロフェッショナルエディター🇪🇸がお仕事してます。私のページの方は足掛けとしてご利用ください。*






“BEST Metal Cover Grenge-Demon Slayer-”
Big Thanks to Hugo, and Iñigo & all friends!
Video Edited by Iñigo Arr of Recrum Media.[] ©︎Hugo RFT [Official Youtube]


Here is all credit below, special thanks to all.xx


Demon Slayer’s (Kimetsu no Yaiba) opening song Gurenge covered by HugoRTF & Yoko Hallelujah.
This is our first anime metal cover together, if you want more covers, please subscribe, like it and share it!
Leave a comment with more anime cover suggestions below!

Metal cover de Gurenge de Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) de LiSa por Hugo RTF y Yoko Hallelujah.
¡Nuestra primera cover juntos pero no la ultima!
Podéis apoyar el canal suscribiéndoos, dandole a me gusta y compartiendo!
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Production, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys and Synths by HugoRTF.
Vocals & backing vocals by Yoko Hallelujah.
Recorded by Hugo RTF.
Post Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Pedro J Monge (Chromaticity Studios).
Video: Edited by Iñigo Arr of Recrum Media.

All the music, sounds and vocals are recorded from scratch.
Gear:Hugo is Endorser by Mayones Guitars
Guitar: Mayones Hydra 6 custom guitar.
Bass: Sire Bass.
Keys & Synths: Oxygen25.
Daw: Cubase Pro 8.5
I Use STL Andy James plugins and Perfect Drums.

[Credits] Original artist : LiSA
Lyric written by LiSA
Music written by Kayoko Kusano(草野華余子)

©️Hugo RTF [Texts From Official Youtube]
Big thanks to Hugo!


And, please check details about Hugo and Rise To Fall below, and please listen and follow them;)


Hugo Markaida Basarte[Hugo RTF]
Guitarist@Rise To Fall
Rise To Fall
Melodic Death Metal


Thanks for checked information here.

Hope you liked them, folks!