• 01/07/2018


Did you know? It is real one.. Wow wow wow! Yoko x   「本物」です。 ロンドンの某スタジオにて。 友達が「マジー?みたい!」というので。はい、これです。😃   & […]

  • 01/12/2016

Recordings and having fun make music!

Still recording and some works in Italy, Hope you are well folks. Yoko x 時々、モノクロ写真がありますが、なぜかと言うと、イタリア仲間はモノクロが大好きなのです。 私はカラーの方 […]

  • 12/01/2012

Recording At ENGLAND

今日も激しく楽しいレコーディング✨ Recording with Damnation Angels, Will Graney is great and talented producer and musician. I really e […]

  • 07/11/2011

Funny Settings.

Funny setting. Neumann/U67, Sony/C800, N/U87, Cool:)  Yes definitely love C800. aren’t you? (真ん中ソニーC800日本円だと約百萬円近くです。) […]

  • 02/10/2011

Ettore is super boss.

Let me introduce our boss called Ettore Rigotti from Coroner Records in Italy, finally! He is owner of the record company als […]

  • 14/01/2011

The Metal House

Ciao from Turin. With our boss called Ettore Rigotti. I am in The Metal House studio. Super fun with new our music! Yoko x &n […]

  • 12/01/2011

Hi From Turin Italy

  エットレは大天才。 こんなに仕事早い人を見たことがない。   私も、歌入れは早い方?で、ロンドンでは割と「早いねー」と言われていたんだけど、結局はそれって、相手(エンジニアやプロデューサー)の腕もあるわけで・・・ 自分が早いと […]

  • 11/06/2010

Skinner music

New project I am in with Adam and Dan. I love recordings, super fun! And really likes work with Mr.Skinner’s! It’ […]