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  • 03/12/2021

Actions speak louder than words, really.

Yes, definitely think so. 信頼は言葉じゃなく行動に表れるものだからこそ、少し気分が下がってしまった。😔   Trustful people always do quick and done by a […]

  • 11/08/2021


Actually, I am eating any foods-meal especially Steak, it is my favourite thing.. Sorry, haha.   こんな時代に申し訳ないのですが、肉が好きです。 […]

  • 06/06/2021

最高。lovely song and voice.

Just listening to friend’s music today! スミマセン、友達の音楽に癒されていたところです。   本当は今、別の曲を聞いてたんだけども、↓の方が伝わりやすいかな〜と思って、ちょい動画アップ。 […]

  • 24/05/2021

Enjoying summer time?

Hi there, I couldn’t pop up here just was busy. Hope you are going well folks. Anyway, super exhausted was April time a […]

  • 20/08/2020

肉。Salt and beef…

ただただうまい。 ひたすらに旨い。   Absolutely love sandwich! My favourite is Salt and beef, yeah! super yummy.. 😃 We will be go […]

  • 02/08/2020


I’m waiting for one of works update really long time but have not yet. shame about.. but will keep it and get will be h […]

  • 28/07/2020

Thanks thanks thanks..

Welcome back dear! We are really missed you and we hope you are well, happy, enjoying and running:) in another world. You are […]

  • 11/07/2020

This is the Blues!

  Hey there. Hope you are ok friends.   I am good us usual, and always looking for some good and fun things to chee […]

  • 28/06/2020


  This day is a very important day for me. I have to say thank you so much for everything. Be happy life. We will.   […]

  • 18/03/2020

Hope all people are ok.

  I want to do something super fun! We’ll be happy.   楽しくて馬鹿馬鹿しくて、大笑いできるような、なんか面白いことをやりたい。 近いうちに、きっとそうなる!できる! […]

  • 10/01/2020

My star♡

Love love love her voices! She is the best female singer, and my star;)) Miss ya! xx   ローレンねえさん大好き♡      

  • 16/12/2019

Japan tour②

    ©︎Yoko/Betty   We went to temple😆 It is great also we are funky on there✌️✨ N […]

  • 13/12/2019

Japan tour①

©︎Yoko/Betty We are in Japan Tour anyway! We had fun event and had lovely meal too❤️ Also I found good Kimono s […]

  • 27/11/2019

Only BBC for telly.

I love Mc’s breakfast;) Actually I am super tired about some things nowadays but when I have/eat something, I can forge […]