Thanks for help to Japan and your kindness words.

©︎Yoko Hallelujah

World is big, life is long or maybe to short, and skies are beautiful.

But why people just standing around there, why stop, as same as past?
We are so small. Human is very weak.
We have tiny glass heart.

That’s why, people acting that I am strong.
Yes, it is me. so maybe you too. yes maybe all.

That is human.

I would like to adventure with real soul.
I don’t need anything, but I need my heart/soul. I’d love to believe in my feel.
I do not have power, but I’d like to have/keep real soul. always be honest.

So, folks. what should we thinking about?

By the way, thank you for people about help to Japan,
and thanks for your kindness.
As you know, Japan has too much natural disaster since 2011.
I heard many people lost house and job, and many people passed away by the happened of typhoon 19 called Habigisu, we are so sorry about.


If earth upset or sneeze, we can not do anything.

before think about “our life”, we need to just think about thankful to living on earth.

Then, maybe people doesn’t need thinking too much,

Cleared mind with love and peace, keep calm and carry on.


We just say,
ARIGATO/thanks for the earth, and life, people around you, and your love.

I will say, ARIGATO for all of them. ARIGATO is love.

You know, world doesn’t have border.
We can go anywhere if we doesn’t think “from here to here”.

Because, we are looking at same sky, same sunshine and same stars.

When you look at them, I also look at them.

There is no border.

Then, we can do anything.
We can fly away, wherever you want.

I believe, I can.

No need anything for.


Just bring your soul,
it is the biggest power for your life.

When I have adventure,
I bring with just my soul, as usual.
I never bring any information, never bring any stuff.

I don’t need anything if I have real soul.

Oops, I just bring guitar maybe. hahaha.

So, it is life. life is adventure.

Anyway, we-Japanese- just say, many thanks for your kindness.

We are living same world.

So, we doesn’t need anything but love and peace.

Stop natural disaster.
please no more cry, earth.
and no more fight people.

Smile, all.

Smile will bring happy to you.

We can loving each other.
Life is long but also life is short.

Just do that you love.
Just peace for your life.

Thanks again for your kindness and help to Japan.

Yoko x





©︎Yoko Hallelujah