69+6 Birthday Party for Japanese Rock star and he played at opening act on The Beatles Japan tour (Budo-Kan concert) ’66

©︎Yuya Uchida Office/Yoko

I went to the big/posh party for a Japanese rock star called Yuya Uchida.

Mr.Uchida is the most famous icon of “Rock ’n’ roll” in Japan, and he played to opining act for The Beatles Japan tour at ’66. (Budo-Kan concert )

Anyway almost 80 posh people there for the celebration.

It was fun and enjoyed to meeting many friends/musicians.

Happy Birthday to Yuya-san, you are the king of rock ’n’ roll.

©︎Yuya Uchida Office/Yoko
©︎Yuya Uchida Office/Yoko
©︎Yuya Uchida Office/Yoko
©︎Yuya Uchida Office/Mr.Mihara/Yoko

Happy Birthday Yuya-san, rock ‘n’ roll. 


©︎Yoko Hallelujah/N.S.K/torasanmusian