I can not tell you where am I going cause secret ticket got it haha.

You know I am super watcher/person of Musical, concert, and stages!

Any title, any genre, any musicians, any famous musicians, and any programs… you know, I am watching all if I can!

I love watch the musical and stages anyway..

And this program that I am going now, I am watching since 2012. Lots! Hundred of thousand times I went to.

THIS IS THE BEST title in the world.

But, I prefer to go there with friend who is “MANIAC” of “THIS”..

Unfortunately, I am the only maniac person around me in London… Actually I know maniac friend in Tokyo but that friend is in Japan, I am in the UK!

So nowadays, I am going there alone. basically I prefer to watch alone when I go to musical but long story..

Anyway it is the best ! Front of row, my god is very close, and just me, super lovely sounds…yeah I can concentration of that, and very comfortable.. you know.

Also got the front of row few times. And today is the best.

I won’t tell the title. It is important for me, I never put important thing of my private here, never tell you, haha.

Some clue? here.



Special seat is very close to music that I love.

I won’t give you my secret ticket! :p

I will go there again and over again, definitely forever!


Got it , 


©︎Yoko Hallelujah

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