Cheers people.

The song called Omoide ga ippai, it is the theme song of the classic Japanese anime called MIYUKI.Original Artist called “H2O”.

Covered by Acoustic and my favourite arrangement one, but I have been lots covered/sang this tune.

I really respect this composer called Kisaburo Suzuki, and when I tried to cover first time, I’ve asked to him it is ok?” . haha.

Omoide ga ippai means “lots of memory” kind of, so. Also I have lots memory on this tune for me!


[Cover]H2O “Omoide ga ippai” [Tune of the anime “MIYUKI”] covered by Acoustic|想い出がいっぱい カバー H2O「みゆき」主題歌
Original singer: H2O
Lyrics: Yoko Aki
Composition: Kisaburo Suzuki
Covered by Osamu Yano,Yoko Hallelujah


Anyway hope you are well folks.

Speak very sooooon!

Ta, ✌️






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