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My Japanese friend called Hideo who is photographer and organizer have some events and I will come and join us.

One of events called Ginsuikai at 11th Dec, and I am going to go to sing and will have some music sessions on the stage from 12th Dec.

Come and join us folks!

We’ll do at Ginza, Tokyo, Japan below.

Open 6pm Start 7pm till late @Tokyo, JAPAN-Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


イベント:12月11日(水) 19:00pm START!
スペシャルゲスト: イタリアンアーチスト

12月12日(木) 19:00pm START! スペシャルゲスト: イタリアンアーチスト



イベントは引き続きYoko Hallelujahの出演他、日本国内アーティストが多数参加いたしますので、皆さんのお越しをぜひお待ちしております!^-^



Note:We are sorry that old flyer had some wrong details, we already delated from internet and no more update.

Hymns Project have all rights about Arts/flyer for 11th Dec and 12th Dec of events. Please ask us for permission if you are using old arts/flyer, or do not use except confirm.







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