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I am in Tokyo now and here is KATSUSHIKA -CITY.

Katsuhika is, one of small cities in Tokyo, east side.

Actually Katsuhika is one of my locals:)

My home town is,

London, Livepool, then then then then….. Turin, then… my island,


Akasaka, Katsushika and Ginza in Tokyo;)

wow lots homeward, which way should I take,, so,

I chosen London one.


…oh sorry if I said, this blog would be finished so quick. sorry.

Talking about Katsushika.

©︎Yoko Hallelujah/N.S.K/torasanmusian

Katsushika is, Tora-San and Sakura’s home town, -from Japanese film-

This stature, called SAKURA stature.

By the way, I’ve met Yamada-Kantoku and Chieko Baisho-san! because it was opening ceremony!

Sakura is female name, from famous Japanese film called “Otoko wa tsurai yo”. And Tora-San is hero of the film.

And, Sakura is sister of Tora-San, Sakura always worries about brother called Tora-San, so this stature showing about family love.

©︎Yoko Hallelujah/N.S.K/torasanmusian

This is my hero called Tora-san, from that film.

Tora-san is, kind of Japanese Chaplin.

He is funny, he is smiling all the time, he is very tough, but inside, he has small heart..and sensitive boy.

Tora-san always traveling alone. he has no home, no money, no stuff, he doesn’t have anything but BIG LOVE.

Actually, Tora-San always find REAL LOVE. He needs REAL LOVE.

But he can not find out REAL LOVE, so he is still traveling..

Tora-san meeting people a lot when he has traveling, because he is always traveling different town;)

And all people loves Tora-san, but Tora-san is always moving from town to other town, he never stay at one place, so no one find Tora-san but one day, people find out Tora-san finally. then, maybe happy end or not? to be continues stories..

Actually, Tora-San met some love already, but Tora-san can not realise because he doesn’t have confidence.. so he always lost love, but actually love is just close to Tora-san… just there.

This film has, 48 stories! since ’60 to ’90s. super long!

Tora-san is dreamer, people say Tora-san is dream on.

All Japanese people knows him.

©︎Yoko Hallelujah/N.S.K/torasanmusian

This is Tora-San.

I am traveler too? hahaha.

©︎Yoko Hallelujah/N.S.K/torasanmusian
©︎Yoko Hallelujah/N.S.K/torasanmusian
©︎Yoko Hallelujah/N.S.K/torasanmusian

I have both. special limited edition!

Anyway, yes,

I am going to move now.


Sore ga, toseinin no tsure-tokoroyo!

It is our life anyway.

See you in London or Italy.

Yoko xxx

©︎Yoko Hallelujah/N.S.K/torasanmusian
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