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I am super exhausted on social media and emails stuff at the moment..
It annoys me. oops sorry friends, it’s not you. but nowadays I am taken not good impact from these stuff so..

I can’t understand people who is never say yes or no. I have no idea why the person contacted me/us if never say anything finally..
Difficult to continue to do if not complete discuss via text.. so, I prefer to talk by phone call include skype or whatsapp anything, or meeting directly if that’s veeeeery important. especially work. because we can conversation immediately and done. yep text is fine if possible to talk there but, you know that mean.

We want to take positive side of technology, but also don’t want to take negative side of that.
Technology always makes our confused or misunderstood. because that is the trick world sometime. we never know peoples real mind if we can’t take words from people directly. until that, we just guess it, that’s all. it’s not truth, we never know truth till people tells us directly.

On the other hand, Informations are overflow all the time that we doesn’t want to show and we doesn’t want to take.
But we have to receive them, and migh be brain add on it naturally.

What for?

I never beliebe till to do something with that.

I can’t leave analog world, still is. more more simple and good isn’t it. But we have to living with technology because now in the future. so I will just taken positive stuff that I felt;)

I want to watch the musical when I feeling like now.. 😢

By the way I love you all my close friends, sorry about bit serious topic today;) yep I am just tired now that’s all.. sorry;)

You are great all, will back to you asap.

Yoko x


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