Hi there, I couldn’t pop up here just was busy.

Hope you are going well folks.

Anyway, super exhausted was April time also in early time of May actually… just busy at work, also had many things to thought, tried and done, also wait wait wait for some responses.. mmm I used too much brain and mind, then got tired, hahaha😂


But now, I really enjoying at work again!

Then, just got back to my happy days again, yeah!


Just started some new work and super fun as usual, and really enjoying talking some future work thing.

And we hope, we will get live music situation near the future!😭


I am really really thankful about my people. all friends are so great and always people made my days!

Thanks my lovely friends, thanks on my end, and thanks family too!


By the way, it’s already summer so how is your life.

I am thinking go to the beach.. 🏖 but we are still struggle about wold situation, aren’t we. Have to care about.

Hope all safe in the world, and you guys!


I hope to have cappa and chat with you guys, soon!☕️











Ciao ciao!

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