My old blog called “Ane-san no tawagoto” (supported by yaplog) will be closed end of Jan. 2020.

姉さんの戯言(Ane-san no tawagoto) https://yaplog.jp/black11dog/

So you can not visit there after Feb.2020.

I will write something here, from now. but unfortunately I am very lazy to upload diary thing, as you know. hehehe:p

But I don’t like SNS stuff so will update some words here.

Also some “Ane-san no tawagoto” pages(old writing) will be forward to this site.

I have some blogs on other my site but these are mainly for Japanese so…

I am here!

-but actually this site is for Japanese, my main site is yokohallelujah.co.uk but just blog here, for both:))

Anyway, today is the first day of this new Blog pages.

Take it easy and I will put words here sometime, so keep in touch folks, hope you are well and see you soon in the UK, Italy or Japan!







Dozo, Yoroshiku!

Yoko x



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