Yes, definitely think so.



Trustful people always do quick and done by action. and we can see what that person think of us because actions(what person did) is real.

But “saying” is easy, talk, text and emails or something.
We are always think and follow about what other side said, but it is not real thing yet until they did/done. However action is real, what they did for you.


By the way I am so disappointment and really tired what I did so much for.
Sometime think, it was just spent time and cost for. but I don’t like myself why I think like this. Actually not important about time or cost. The thing is, it is one way or not.
Conclusion, it was always not my convenience, I was always received notice or request and time was convenient for other side.
However, it was only giving. always never received from other side. Also anytime just “say”, never do/did. It is why tired finally.


Sorry about the talk cause really upset cause just received rude thing, so.
Looking back on it, always the time was I did too much for something or other side when I get feel down or tired. I mean, was not my thing, always to do for others only.
I think, it is good thing, but should not to do too much except on business and official volunteer thing.

At human relations, we have to care of each other. Easy words, it is give and take relationship.


And the most important thing it is one’s life.Your life is yours, your time is yours.
If always spent something for other ones, it is waste of life.


However about me. I am so stupid, I was always thinking of people and to do too much for, I do again again and over again, when I got requests some from other side. but I never get that I want from it. Only got tired or felt down. So I won’t anymore.


Weird to say, we are very easy called friend in this twenty-first century world.As I said before a bit, it is in my opinion, friend-ship is not exactly free.
It is not money thing, relations are built by actions, trust and time.

These are value than money and most important for people’s life. Friends are giving trust and time each others and we can know by action it is or not.


When I do something to real friends, like taken request, help or some giving for, I will always received lovely feel and actions from friends as well. And really similar about degrees of enthusiasm at both side. Feel, actions, responses, viewing or some balance are similar.

The thing is, because it is real relations so when you think or care of other side, also other side is care of you. And it is natural, uncalculating.
Actually it is spent something for each other maybe, but real friend-ship is never get feel tired because give and take, help and help each other.

If that is one way, it is not real one and waste of time probably.


For keep positive mind and best of your life, answer is very easy. Never think too much for others, just thinking of you, use time and cost for yourself.
And if you do with people, just care of each others that’s it so real friends are never gone.


You will think more who is think of you, then you should be keep just your real friends.
We can choose for anything and that is not wrong if you feel healthy and like it really.


If lost in there, just believe in peoples actions, not “words” that people said. actions will tell you what is the important for you.

Actions speak louder than words, really.


Yes I will.























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